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GUI Utilities:

  • Show Windows [1]
A program to list the current windows on screen with parent relations. (included in distro, or as seperate download).
  • UI Designer [2]
The UI designer of the fpgui package, easy creating GUIs by simple mouse clicks
  • AROS Debug View [3]
A debug message viewer for AROS with filter and network support
A fast and easy Image Viewer
Your friendly Editor with Tabs and Syntaxhighlighting (Based on SynEdit Component of LCL)

Commandline Utilities:

  • SetPenColor [6]
Utility to manipulate colors of a screen. Started out as an example on how to parse commandline parameters AROS-style.
Tool to play MP3-files using mpega.library. Initially created to show that FPC can be used to fullfill a bounty.
  • ExtractBinutils [8]
Specialist tool that extract the Binutils from a AROS/i386 (ABIv0) nightly download .ISO file. Source includes ported TISOLib (thanks ALB)

Workbench Utilities:

A tool that can only be used as project tool. It launches any provided executable once icon clicked, with user definable parameter(s) by making use of the project's tooltypes. (It circumvents having to use IconX + script on many occasions)


A little thinking game about removing equal colored blocks by moving them together. An OpenGL game completely written in Freepascal.
A little game with colors. The aim is to fill the complete board with the same color, by changing the flood color.
A Minesweeper clone for AROS