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  • Here is the common stylesheet. Can be found on the search allpages in the WikiMedia namespace (somehow i always have trouble finding this page).

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--- testing a notebox template example;

A colored box made, using a template

--- Highlighting in a matchbox example

100 program test;
101 begin
102   WriteLn(1);
103   WriteLn(2);
104   WriteLn(3);
105   WriteLn(4);
106   WriteLn(5);
107   WriteLn(6);
108   WriteLn(7);
109   WriteLn(8);
110   WriteLn(9);
111   WriteLn('Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis');
112   WriteLn(9);
113   WriteLn(8);
114   WriteLn(7);
115   WriteLn(6);
116   WriteLn(5);
117   WriteLn(4);
118   WriteLn(3);
119   WriteLn(2);
120   WriteLn(1);
121 end.