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* [//www.aros.org AROS Research Operating System]
* [//www.aros.org AROS Research Operating System]
* [//www.aros-exec.org AROS discussion forum]
* [//ae.amigalife.org/index.php AROS discussion forum]
* [//www.arosworld.org AROSWorld discussion forum]
* [//www.arosworld.org AROSWorld discussion forum]
* [//www.amigacoding.de Amiga Development] discussion forum (AROS, Amiga and MorphOS)

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Free Pascal on Amiga, AROS and MorphOS

This Page is meant as an documentation project for the Amiga systems implementation of Free Pascal and related topics (like Lazarus, LCL, fpgui). Freepascal is available for all Amiga systems (Amiga classic, AmigaOS4, AROS and MorphOS). This should not be a complete Free Pascal manual, but a compendium for the Amiga systems specifics of Free Pascal.


Installation and Configuration

How to install Free Pascal on Amiga systems

Infos and Status

  • Specifics - Amiga Systems Specifics in Free Pascal.
  • Status - Status and known Bugs of Implementation and how to avoid

Coding with FreePascal for Amiga systems


  • Dedicated Free Pascal sub-forum for all your Free Pascal related questions whether generic Pascal question(s) and/or questions about Free Pascal with regards to Amiga(OS), AROS and/or MorphOS