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Who is ALB42

It's me, nothing more to say, so move alone, nothing more to see here, just some playground for later use

Some internal Links

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How to create Lazarus with AROS crosscompiler

On Ubuntu:

  • Install plain Ubuntu
  • Install current freepascal compiler
    sudo apt-get install fpc
  • Install subversion
    sudo apt-get install subversion
  • Download and Install AROS SDK
    • Download AROS SDK from AROS Webpage [1] (pc-i386-sdk)
    • Unpack AROS SDK
      tar -xvf AROS-*-pc-i386-sdk.tar.bz2
    • Install AROS SDK
      cd AROS-*-pc-i386-sdk/
      sudo ./AROS-SDK-Install
    • Copy tools to path (instead of change path, I prefer this solution)
      sudo cp /usr/local/aros-sdk/bin/i386-aros-* /usr/bin
    • Create collect-aros link code
      sudo cp /usr/local/aros-sdk/bin/i386-aros-ld /usr/bin/i386-aros-collect-aros
  • Checkout freepascal trunk
    cd ~
    svn checkout fpc
  • Compile freepascal for linux
    cd fpc
    make all
  • Install freepascal for linux
    sudo make install
  • Compile crosscompiler for AROS
    make crossall OS_TARGET=aros CPU_TARGET=i386
  • Install crosscompiler for AROS
    sudo make crossinstall OS_TARGET=aros CPU_TARGET=i386
  • Remove old ubuntu compiler
    sudo apt-get remove fpc
  • TODO: I remember here some pathes issues
  • Install dependencies for lazarus
    sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
  • Checkout lazarus for AROS
    cd ~
    svn checkout lazarus
  • Compiler lazarus
    cd lazarus
    make all
    sudo make install

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